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Get to know us and be inspired

LEATHER | Our Passion

We work leather with great respect for this valuable natural material.

We tan and process the cowhides in-house, in the knowledge that we are offering you only the best. Using a special re-tanning process developed by us, we furnish our leather with a type of lotus effect. In this way, the material is protected without affecting its suppleness. The surface remains supple, soft and vital. Furthermore, the natural leather develops its own character as the bag is used, thus turning your favourite item into a distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece.

Our materials developer creates and optimises all our leathers. Currently, we have four available to choose from: Our own structured Nubuk Effloreé, developed in-house. The embossed sections of the relief have a subtle shimmer, while the matte hollows act as a contrast. Mizar and Alcor are our smooth silk matte and silk gloss leathers where, optically, the natural character of our leather shows to particular advantage. If you’re looking for a truly eye-catching piece, then our decorative metallic leather is just right for you. Accentuate in the most exciting way and combine them with our other leather items.

DESIGN | Our Trademark

The first collection reflects our vision of timeless elegance.

We opt for clean lines and forms, which don’t chase a trend but instead give you beautiful pieces with lasting appeal. Our two designers, together with our bag-maker, develop and create all our products. During the design process, the atmosphere in our office is filled with drive and creative energy. Ideas are gathered, designs drawn up and then discussed in the team. Prototypes and end products are both tested and optimised equally, as part of an ongoing process.

Our current collection features a triangle on the side of each piece as its trademark design element. The three sides represent the three things closest to our hearts: leather, handcrafted items and sustainability.


We greatly value the process of handcrafting.

Our bag-maker develops pattern pieces based on the designs created by our designers. After the subsequent cutting of the leather, these are divided, honed and laminated to strengthen them. The handles are made of a textile strap covered with leather, with hand-painted edges. In the next step, accessories and individual parts are incorporated. Among these are the flap or magnetic closure, for example, and the handles and bag interior, as well as the logo and the studs at the base of the bag.

The inside-out bag is now furnished with closing seams and the bag is turned with the help of a custom-made device. As a final step, our bag-maker defines the form of the bag by hand and carries out a quality control process.

In this way, your favourite bag is made in Göppingen with the greatest care.


Our environmentally-friendly mix of tannins contains natural enzymes as well as plant materials.

One of the key ingredients in the manufacture of our leather is a by-product of coffee. Thousands of families across the world are dependent on the growing, harvesting and preparation of coffee, but in this only the coffee beans are of interest. The husks of the coffee cherry are mostly treated as waste. We discovered this material for ourselves and now process it to make a powder for tanning leather. The dried husk is obtained from local coffee growers on site, thus giving them a second income. In this way, our leather combines environmental protection with social responsibility.

Furthermore, we always strive to avoid long delivery channels. Tanning, production and sales are all carried out in southern Germany.

Moreover, we aim for timeless elegance in terms of our design. We engage with current and future trends, but we don’t chase after them. In this way, we can ensure that you acquire a wonderful piece which will not go out of fashion and which you can enjoy for a long time to come.